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The Ultimate Revelation

Jesus is the one who unveils the mysteries of God, and only he is qualified to reveal the “ unseen God .” In him, all the promises of God find their substance. He is the interpretive key that unlocks the Hebrew Scriptures and provides the correct understanding of Bible prophecy. The proclamation of “ Christ Crucified ” is the “ power and wisdom of God ,” and there is no knowledge of the Father apart from him.

Preaching Another Jesus

When certain “ super-apostles ” began undermining his authority, the Apostle Paul warned the Assembly in Corinth not to heed anyone who was “ proclaiming another Jesus, whom we did not preach, or a different spirit, or a different gospel .” Instead, Paul pointed to the same Jesus that he first proclaimed in the city, the “ Crucified Messiah .” He was the measuring rod against which all other messianic claimants and beliefs must be compared.