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Preach the Gospel!

Jesus charged his followers to announce his message to all nations, which he summarized as the “ Good News of the Kingdom of God .” Through him and his Assembly, the rule of God would be established but in unexpected ways. He will establish his sovereignty over the Earth and subdue the “ last enemy, death ,” by the time of his appearance “ on the clouds of Heaven .” His disciples must proclaim his Gospel to the “ uttermost parts of the Earth ” until that day.

One Message for All

The Gospel proclaimed by Jesus is NOT about reforming society or fixing governments. His message summons all men to repent and join an entirely new social order and political reality, namely, the Kingdom of God, and his message contradicts the political ideologies of the present “ evil age .” Responding positively to his invitation is vital considering the approaching end of the existing world order and its disappearance from the Earth.

To the Ends of the Earth

After his resurrection, Jesus declared: “ All authority in heaven and on earth is given to me, therefore, go and make disciples of all nations! ” He then dispatched his disciples to announce his Lordship and salvation to the “ uttermost parts of the Earth .” The Era of Salvation commenced with his death and resurrection; therefore, his life-giving message must be announced to all men. The Son of God has achieved salvation for his people!

Faithful Witnesses

Two terms appear multiple times in the  Book of Revelation , namely, “ witness ” and “ overcome ,” themes that are closely related. Beginning with Jesus and the witness he gave in his death on the Roman cross, the Book calls his disciples to persevere in his “ testimony ” regardless of any consequences they may suffer. It is in this way that they “ overcome ” and reign with the “ Son of Man ,” as well as qualify for everlasting life in “ New Jerusalem .” Jesus himself summoned his saints to “overcome, just as I also overcame.”

Sovereign over All

Jesus has reigned as Sovereign over the Earth since his Death and Resurrection, already he is seated on the Messianic Throne. Because of his obedience, he is the “ Ruler of the Kings of the Earth .” Before his Ascension, he declared that God had bestowed all authority on him - “ In Heaven and on Earth .” Thus, his authority is without limits and a present reality.