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Proclaiming the Good News

Following his resurrection, Jesus tasked his disciples with announcing the “ Good News of the Kingdom of God .” This is now the primary mission of his saints. In his death and resurrection, God’s rule was and is being established on the Earth but in unexpected and often paradoxical ways. By the day of his return at the end of the age, Jesus will have established his sovereignty over the nations and subdued all his “ enemies .”

The Faithful Witness

Two terms appear multiple times in the Book of Revelation , “ witness ” and “ overcome ,” two themes that are closely related. Beginning with Jesus and the witness he gave in his sacrificial death, the Book summons his followers to persevere in his “ testimony ” regardless of any consequences. It is in this way that they “ overcome ” and qualify to live victoriously in the city of “ New Jerusalem .” Jesus himself calls his saints to “ overcome, just as I overcame .”